Pac-Rim Building Supply, Inc.

About Us


Pac-Rim Building Supply, Inc. was founded in 1985 to provide lumber and building materials to remote locations in the state of Alaska. In many parts of that state communities are isolated from the highway system, and most are not large enough to support local lumber yards that stock an adequate supply of building materials. As a result, the majority of building materials need to be shipped in via barge in containers and flatracks. The Port of Seattle is strategically located as the main supply port for these communities.

Jack Cahill, the founder of Pac-Rim, saw an opportunity for a company that could specialize in servicing these populations. Pac-Rim was established to fill this need. Our expertise in competitively sourcing construction materials along with our extensive knowledge of how to cost-effectively package, load and ship these materials gives us an advantage over companies that mainly focus on the mainland U.S. market.

Shortly after Pac-Rim was founded, Japanese builders began looking to construct American-style homes in Japan. To do so they needed suppliers in the United States that could not only provide them with American materials but knew how to package and ship them to Japan. Pac-Rim’s Alaskan shipping expertise was easily adapted to the Japanese market, and we added Japan to our target market. Eventually, our business would expand to include Hawaii, Guam, Micronesia, the South Pacific, South Korea, and Russia. 


By 1995 Pac-Rim had outgrown its original facility and purchased a 3.5-acre piece of property in Renton, Washington, conveniently located near the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma. There we built our current loading facility, which was specifically designed to handle building materials and load them onto flats and containers. This new facility, combined with our expertise in handling lumber and construction materials, gave us the opportunity to expand into the transload business, loading not only our own construction materials but also container cargo for other companies. This part of our business has continued to expand, and today we handle about 1,500 containers of both import and export cargo for other companies annually.

Pac-Rim continues to aggressively pursue opportunities in new markets throughout the Pacific Rim. If your business is looking to import building materials from the United States, the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma are your best option, and Pac-Rim Building Supply is uniquely set up to meet your needs.